Short Mountain Walks Close to Reykjavík

Our focus is on nature and the amazing hiking opportunities around Reykjavik

Walk On Iceland

Incredible hiking in the capitol area
Mt. Esja seen from Reykjavík

Mt. Esja

Hike the mountain that is backdrop of Iceland´s capitol area and be rewarded with amazing views!


3-4 hours


$150 per guest (18+)
$75 per child (2-17)

Mt. Helgafell summit views

Mt. Helgafell

A joyful hiking experience on the Reykjanes peninsula close to recent volcanic eruptions.


2-3 hours


$130 per guest (18+)
$65 per child (2-17)

Mt. Keilir seen across mossy lava fields

Mt. Keilir

An adventurous hike to one of Iceland’s most well known mountains.


5-6 hours


$200 per guest (18+)
$100 per child (2-17)

A volcano erupting with hot magma spewing into the air

The Wild Side

Iceland is an island that is very much alive and can be dangerous to wander through without the necessary precautions. Let us guide you safely without hurting yourself or nature.

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A close up of an observation platform

Your Own Adventure

The possibilities are endless and the limit is only your imagination!

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Why Choose Us

Local knowledge

Experience Iceland like a local, with a local. Our passion is hiking.

Peace and quiet

Enjoy being in nature and being a part of nature hiking through incredible landscapes close to Reykjavik.


Our focus is on nature, slow travel, mindfulness and the amazing surroundings that we visit around Reykjavik.

Small groups

We hike in small groups with the help of experienced guides with passion for hiking and nature.