iceland. ONe step AT A TIME.

Welcome to Walk-On Iceland, a tour operator that offers personal tours and walks in areas surrounding the capital area of Reykjavík. Experience the strong and fierce, yet delicate and soft, nature of Iceland with us.

Mt. Keilir

Hike Mt. Keilir, Reykjanes peninsula. Half day tour, 9 km. Included: Pick-up, private tour, snacks.

Mt. Helgafell

Hike Mt. Helgafell, in Hafnarfjörður. 2-3 hrs, 7 km. Included: Pick-up, private tour, snacks.

Ástjörn & Ásfjall

Walk and hike in a nature reserve in Hafnarfjörður. 2 hrs, 4,5 km. Included: Pick-up, private tour, snacks.

The road to


Experience Iceland like a local, with a local.

We take you to places where you can enjoy being in nature and being a part of nature, without being surrounded by other people.

At Walk-On, our focus is on nature, slow travel, mindfulness and the amazing surroundings that we visit.

Whether you want to climb a mountain in the capital area, have a nice stroll in lava fields and lay on moss or wander beyond the capital to experience the natural wonders of Iceland, Walk-On is the right partner.

Walk-On offers you a personal tour in a small group (maximum of 14 guests, usually smaller)- or even a private tour if you prefer.

Travel with us and experience the surreal elements of Icelandic nature.

ICelAND through our eyes

If you want a tailor made, privately guided tour, send us an e-mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Meet your guide:

Bylgja´s love for nature has always played a big part in her life. She senses the aliveness in the elements of nature and respects that she is a part of it. A social entrepreneur, yoga and mindfulness instructor, story-teller, girl-scout and now a tour guide, Bylgja wants to introduce you to the magic that lives in Icelandic nature.