Walk On: Mountain

Walk-On offers walks to some of the most iconic mountains in the capital area that are quite easily accessible.


Mt. Keilir is a volcanic mountain in the Reykjanes peninsula, the most notable landmark when driving from Keflavík international airport to Reykjavík. It has the shape of a cone and offers rewarding views from the top. From Keilir you can see Iceland´s newest mountains in Fagradalsfjall where eruptions took place in 2021 and 2022.

Mt. Keilir


Mt. Helgafell is dearly beloved by the people of Hafnarfjörður and the capital area. It is situated in a lava field close to the water wells of Hafnarfjörður and is made up of palagonite. The walk to the mountain is easy and accessible for all fitness levels and children alike and the hike to the top is not too challenging.



Því að Esjan er falleg…” (Because mt. Esja is beautiful…), sings the Icelandic singer Bríet about the mountain that is the backdrop for Reykjavík in the North. Loved by people of Reykjavík and its guests, with thriving forests at its roots, streams running down the hills where you can fill your water bottle and enjoy amazing views over the whole capital area.

Mt. Esja seen from Reykjavík

Mountain Tour Highlights

That feeling of accomplishment

There's nothing like making it to the top of a mountain.

Iconic mountains

Climb one of the mountains you see from Reykjavík.


Several tours are close to the capital region.


Lots and lots of lava and rocks.

Icelandic mountains

Hiking on Icelandic mountains is unique in that there are few trees so the views are good if the weather allows. Knowing how to navigate the often steep and rocky paths can be tricky. A local guide can help with that!

It was a wonderful experience to do the private hike to Mt. Esja with Walk-On.

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